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Call for papers, posters and expressions of interest in workshops is now closed.

The call for papers and posters for the 2017 IFMA Congress being held in Edinburgh is now live and please see the following links to documents for information on the process that took place: (CLICK on the headings below)

Contributed Papers:

A very important and popular part of the IFMA Congress is the opportunity, to hear and make contact with those who present papers as part of the contributed sessions. These take place on Monday & Wednesday afternoons.

This session allows academics, consultants and practicing farmers to share views, experiences, reasearch and above all best practice.

To submit a paper please click the following links;

Call for papers and posters for the the 21st IFMA Congress

Specification for applied and academic papers


A prominent display area for posters will be available in the area where refreshments will be taken. This will provide an opportunity for the attendees at the Congress to view and discuss the content with those responsible for them.

To submit a poster please click the following ling;

Specifications for Poster


The IFMA Congress is a unique meeting of professionals involved in farm management from around the world.

following feedback from past attendees at IFMA Congresses we have allocated a session to cover workshops that could potentially take advantage of this.

To submit an expression of interest in holding a workshop please click the following link:

Workshop EOI call

If a problem is encountered submitting a paper please try agian and if this persists email richard@iagrm.org.uk with details